Classic Era of Pinball

Pinball Restoration

Repair & Restoration Process

Mechanical Restoration

I repair and refurbish only pre 1979 electro mechanical pinball games. Initially, every game I purchase receives a complete top to bottom mechanical inspection and overhaul which requires a minimum of about 30 hours. All hardware is removed and tumbled to a clean and brilliant sheen. All coil sleeves, playfield posts, rubbers and lights are replaced with brand new parts. Coin doors and legs are also cleaned and polished All components i.e., relays, switches, steppers and mechanisms are serviced and cleaned including all score reels. The cabinet is cleaned and any busted wood panels are repaired  or replaced if necessary. Flipper assemblies are often rebuilt with new parts and 'tweeked' to perform like new. In addition, most games get new flipper buttons, bushings, pumper bodies and skirts, pop caps, roll over/lane guides and leg levellers. 

Playfield Restoration

Includes playfield touchups and clear coating with up to 6 coats of Varathane or 3 coats of Automotive Clear depending on preference. The playfield is completely de populated including all underside components, before the clear coat process begins. The playfield is cleaned to remove the old dirt, wax, and ball swirls. Original lacquer in high traffic areas such as upper arch and flipper regions are carefully scraped down to bare wood to remove all 'ugly' ball arch and flipper wear. In most cases all those round plastic inserts are removed, levelled and re seated. How long does this take? On average, it takes me 25+ hours. Once complete, the cure time is about a month or so before re assembly begins.

Cabinet Restoration

Another labour of love! This process takes another 25+ hours and begins with tracing the cabinet and backbox artwork and making stencils. All brackets and hardware are removed including side rails. Cabinet 'nicks' and 'gouges' are filled and lastly it is sanded to a very smooth finish before the painting begins. Most cabinet colours are true to the original and computer matched.