Classic Era of Pinball

Pinball Restoration


A Pinball machine makes a great gift for that someone that has everything and their 'coolness factor' enhances any game room environment. Everyone gravitates to them like that classic Juke box or muscle car. Quality restored 'vintage' pinball machines are a fun investment the whole family can enjoy every day and for years to come! Enjoy the sounds and feel of a classic 1970's pinball machine. 

I currently have 2 games left for sale this season and won't have anymore until around next Christmas. If there is a particular title you are interested in, let me know and I can try and locate one for you.

If you have any questions about a game or just inquiries in general, please contact me and I'll be glad to chat with you. 

Gottlieb Jacks Open (1977) SOLD  02/2015
Another classic card themed Gottlieb Wedge. This one received a COMPLETE restoration. With a production run of 2975 this game boasts open-elbow in-lanes, 9-bank drop targets, three pop bumpers in a nice wide open playfield layout that requires accurate shooting. New: flipper bats, bushings/buttons, locks, drop targets, plastic set, leg levellers/covers, pop caps etc. More pics here Photo Gallery Price $2495.00


Gottlieb El Dorado (1975)  SOLD  02/2015

Arguably Gottlieb's BEST drop target game and one of the most sought after Wedgeheads of the '70's. Very collectable, family friendly Western themed game had a production run of only 2895 which makes it even harder to find. The design was so popular for Gottlieb they made it in many different versions i.e., 1975 Gold Strike, 1976 Target Alpha and 1977 Solar City.          

This game has had a complete mechanical restoration as per usual. Cabinet and playfield is ALL original and the coin door is also original and real nice.                                                                                                     Includes: New posts, rubber, rebuilt flippers (all 4) and flipper cabinet buttons, leg levellers/covers. All 15 targets are in beautiful original condition. 

See Photo Gallery for more pics.   Price: $2895.00              


Gottlieb Royal Flush (1976) SOLD

Ahhh ... a game that's near and dear to my heart! In my opinion, Gottlieb's 'best' and most popular card themed multi player pinball machine. This highly sought after 4 player version had a production run of 12,250. 

If you played pinball in the '70's or '80's chances are you played this game. These games got played ALOT because of their popularity and most that you see today have significant wear. Don't settle for a cosmetically and mechanically challenged unrestored Kijiji nightmare! This 1976 Royal Flush has a freshly restored playfield and cabinet. The backglass is nice and bright and was preserved with Triple Thick years ago. 

Includes: new posts, rubber rings, drop targets, dip targets, flipper bats, flipper/credit buttons/bushings, pop bumper cap,  pf target faces, leg levellers/covers and plastic set.

Great addition to any games room and plays like new all over again. See more pics  Photo Gallery. Price: $2695.00                    



Gottlieb Sure Shot (1976) 


Classic single player Wedgehead. Only 3700 made. Popular western/pool theme layout that would be a perfect compliment to any billiard games room. Sure Shot is another in a long line of great Gottlieb stand up target/roll over games.

Best played on 5 ball game. 'Make' all 15 pool balls, to light the three different 'Special' lights. Left and right kick out holes scores bonus points from 500 to 5000. Countdown Bonus after each ball. REAL NICE quality vintage machine that looks and plays like new!

This game boasts a complete mechanical, playfield and cabinet restoration. I experimented with a dark green on the cabinet instead of the pastel green, which I never liked. You decide. 

Includes: Game has a Nice Original BG. New: posts, complete pop bumper assemblies, rubber rings, lane guides, leg levellers/covers, flipper bats, flipper and credit bushings and buttons.  

See Photo Gallery for detailed pics. Price $2395.00 




Gottlieb Sky Jump (1974) SOLD 07/2014


1974 Gottlieb 'Sky Jump' single player 'wedgehead'with 4200 made. Classic roll over/drop target sequence combination game play with lots of scoring depth. Best played on 5 ball. Making all the 7 rollovers lights the 'Special'. 

Top to bottom mechanical restoration and complete Playfield restoration as well. See the before and after pics in the photos section. It turned out real nice. Plays like brand new. Ready to plug and play.

Includes: New flipper bats, lane guides, posts, rubber rings, pop bumper bodies/ caps, flipper/credit bushings and buttons.

See Photo Gallery for detailed pics. Price: $1695.00



Gottlieb Centigrade 37 (1977) SOLD 12/2013

Single player Wedgehead with Animated backglass (thermometer temperature rises to the top for SPECIAL). Very desirable and hard to find game with a production run of only 1600.

This game received the usual full top to bottom mechanical overhaul along with a playfield restoration that turned out amazing! Some great attributes of this game include 4 resetting drop targets, unique bagatelle scoring along the right rail, rising thermometer as scoring features are achieved, 100,000 over the top scoring etc.

Check out the photo Gallery and see the restoration progression from start to finish.

New parts include: Posts, rubber, flipper bats and buttons/bushings, bullseye stand up targets, lane guides and all new pop bumper parts.

Price: $2495 (SOLD)




Gottlieb Fire Queen (1977)  SOLD 12/2013 

This 2 player game is fairly rare with only 970 produced vs Vulcan, the 4 player version which had a production run of 3575. The game features include 2 banks of drop targets, one 4 and one 5 bank that resets during play, 5 star rollovers, kick out hole, extra ball, 'Special'and the neat 100,000 over the top scoring. The drop target layout challenges the player to execute skilled shots to accomplish the scoring objectives.

Full top to bottom mechanical restoration along with playfield restoration to compliment a decent original cabinet.

New parts include: Star rollovers, all 9 drop targets, posts, flippers, flipper and credit bushings/buttons, pf plastic set and rubber rings.

See the Photo Gallery section for detailed pics. Price: $1995 (SOLD)


Gottlieb Super Spin (1977) SOLD 11/2013

Another highly collectable vintage Gottlieb with only 1352 made! This is the 2 player twin to Jet Spin (4 player). The game has some unique features that you don't find on many '70's games like the old school 'roto target' that spins for different scoring values when hit and a 'vari target' that requires some 'precise' skill shooting to achieve its highest scoring value. Also features 100,000 over the top scoring.

Great family friendly sci-fi surfing theme that would look great in any games room!

The game has had the usual full mechanical overhaul along with a playfield restoration that turned out real nice. See some before and after pics in the photo gallery section.

New parts include: New posts, flippers, flipper and credit bushings/buttons, rubber rings, pop bumper bodies/skirts/caps and NOS (new old stock) backglass.

Price: $1995 (SOLD)



Gottlieb Surf Champ (1976)

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Gottlieb Spin Out (1975) 

Hard to find Gottlieb Auto racing themed Spin out had a production run of 2850 units. Classic wedge design with centre Roto-target that requires super accurate shooting skills and rewards the player with up to 4 free games at once, if the numbered sequence is completed!

Freshly restored and clear coated play field includes; new posts, rubber, flipper bats, coil sleeves etc  along with a complete mechanical overhaul of all components! Back glass has some minor flaking but still very nice and the cabinet is above average for it's age! Price: $1400.00 ck to add text, images, and other content

Sales and Warranty

If you live in Southern Alberta or in the East Kootenays, B.C., I can sell you a machine WITH Warranty as I stand behind every machine I sell. Delivery and set up included. I do not like to sell games beyond these locations as I cannot logistically offer Warranty for any future repairs if some should arise. 

If I sell you a game and any issues should arise with it (excluding negligence/abuse) in the first year of ownership, I will repair it free of charge. If I'm not able to come to your location for whatever reason, or if it makes more sense to deliver it to me for repair that can work.

Generally speaking, I will travel up to 250km from Fernie to sell and repair games I've sold. However, longer distance repairs can be problematic for Warranty work as I might not be able to repair it in a timely  manner due to a number of factors including weather and driving conditions. 

I do provide free support via email or phone for those 'minor issues'.  

Shipping your game

As I mentioned above, I really don't like to sell games beyond 250km from my home. Having said that, if I have to ship a game I leave that responsibility to the buyer. Again, I cannot Warranty a game I can't service myself, but every situation is different and certainly worth discussing.

I will however, assist in anyway I can such as wrapping and/or crating a game for pick up and even transporting to a local freight yard or depot for pick up.

Games I'm currently working on ...

In the Bullpen: Gottlieb Surf Champ, '300', Strange World, Target Alpha, Abra Ca Dabra and Bronco.